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June 26, 2018
German Solar Panels Hanover

German Solar Panels - Hanover


So Are They German Solar Panels Or Not?

Despite what the brochures suggest, it’s fair to question the origin of this product. These are not German Solar Panels, they are Chinese, but they are still very good if money is tight! The maker has taken some licence, holding these panels out as "German", but they are a German design, okay? Low priced systems call for low priced panels and inverters, but be careful, there is a limit many don't understand. Warnings ignored are a recipe for problems later on. We stress the importance of covering yourself when buying cheap. Hanover Solar panels are the ‘limit’, they are the 'line in the sand', so it’s not wise to go beyond!

Now Also Backed by Powerark

But let's not get too down on these panels, they are still very good, and here's why. Powerark, backs up Hanover across Aussie, so this is a good reason to like them. This company has invested a lot into the local market too, so there is a lot of effort here. A well known solar firm, Hanover in fact has its head office in Germany. It runs from there all its global operations, and also the sales and logistics for the German market too. It has a total yearly production capacity of 300mw for both cells and modules.

German Engineers Are In Charge Of Course!

Hanover also has a strong team of R & D engineers working hard in Germany too. Hanover has high tech, robotic ABB production machines, and also keeps to a strict code of practice. It also is the preferred panel on many big projects world wide too. Hanover gives buyers great German bred panels at a price they can also afford. Not many have a 12 year product assurance, but Hanover does.

Hanover Solar Panels HS250P 275P  Stays On While It Saves.

Great features of the Hanover HS250P 275P also include. Wind Load Tests showed that these solar panels will also endure a huge load of 5400Pa without a problem. They also pass the hail hit test easily too, resisting 40mm ice balls fired at 98 kph. The water proofing test, just like a heavy storm also easily passed. And the fire test, indeed showed that these panels can stand up to strong heat without burning.