Solar Power in Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane you must know that SOLAR power installations in Queensland are now outpacing the state’s biggest power station and in some areas covers the majority of rooftops. According to the industry, the postcode of Bundaberg has the highest penetration of solar rooftop panels in the country and Elimbah,
Of the top 10 solar installation hot spots, eight are in Queensland. According to the Australian PV Institute, Australians were now generating enough power from the sun to light up 1.3 million households and solar was so popular in some towns that it was the most popular source of electricity. The growth in solar power has meant that an extra gigawatt of electricity to the grid in the past year. That includes large scale solar farms and commercial properties as well as rooftop. SunWiz managing director Warwick Johnston said Queensland was “far and away the number one state for solar installation’’.

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