Jinko Solar Panels Review

Jinko Solar Panels Review

Company historical past

Jinko Solar was founded in 2006 and have 11 have 11 years revel in solar industry. Jinko manufacturing facilities in China, Portugal, Malaysia and South Africa and they are the world’s largest producer of solar panels! Jinko is #1 on Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers list and 15GW of solar deployed globally. This company is #1 in rooftop solar market share in Australia 2017, and 99.97% On-Time Delivery in Australia. They have  ZERO Power warranty claims in Australia and New Zealand. Jinko Solar has distribution facilities in all Australian states.
Jinko Solar Info

About Jinko Solar : General

The current Jinko series is the JKM270PP-60 270 watt silver- anodised framed solar panel. It is our most popular product. Jinko in China produces these panels, and it has proven itself as the most worthy, mid-price option for those which are wanting top quality from a panel however no longer looking to spend an excessive amount of to obtain the desired result. we've installed masses of these panels and have now not had any warranty or service calls to this point. They are a tried and proven product that has been independently tested by Choice Australia, who commissioned CSIRO to conduct testing of solar panels.
Jinko Solar Panels Quality

Jinko Solar Panels; Build Quality

At this time, 2017, we have never had any issue regarding build quality with Jinko panels. If we do we will update this information accordingly. Jinko is a high quality, lower cost alternative to the most expensive brands. These panels are by no means the absolute best you can buy, but certainly, they are a very good product that is many steps higher than other panels in the same class. They are very well made and have a large following in Australia. These panels have a 40mm frame which feels solid and has good rigidity.
Jinko Solar Panels Service

Warranty and Service

Jinko panels are protected by a 10-year factory warranty and a 25 Year Performance Guarantee.  Enquiries can be directed to Jinko Solar Australia, who has an office in all states of Australia.
Jinko Solar Panels Review

Jinko Solar Panels Review: Rating

While taking into account other Jinko Solar Panels Reviews, and our own professional experience in actually installing this product, we would have to say, that anyone who is not prepared to pay for – or does not see the sense in paying for the most expensive panels – then Jinko are the most suitable of all in the mid-range options – a very safe choice.

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