February 12, 2019
jinko N type mono cell

Jinko Solar on the rise, posts 24.2% efficiency for their N type Mono cell

One of the world’s big guns in solar has again set yet another record. Its hard to keep up these days as there are now so many new records coming and going! In this instance, Jinko Solar claims that it has also reached a new level for PV cell efficiency. This was for its N type ‘HOT’ PV mono cell that is in fact based on its own TOPCon know how. Also, the firm says that N type HOT technology […]
February 11, 2019

SunPower Opens New 200 MW Plant in Oregon, US

SunPower is moving well at its new Oregon plant and has also started to make panels from there. This site was the former Solarworld plant that in fact has had a total refit. The revamp took four months and there are also 200 workers at the site.They are making their “P Series” panel there which also has an efficiency of 19% plus […]
February 9, 2019

Seraphim Panels Picked For Bullarah Solar Farm

Kanowna PL has chosen Seraphim panels for its new 9MW solar farm at Bullarah, 95 km out from Moree, NSW. It will not be the largest in Australia, but the use of optimized panels makes it a bit special. Construction will start early this year (Q1, 2019). Kanowna has picked the Seraphim MX 325 Smart Panel. They will have Maxim optimizers that can make up to 5% more power and can also help DC system mismatch.