Complaints Policy

Complaints handling procedure

Solar Power Panels (SPP) is operated by Ecomz Pty Ltd (Ecomz).

Ecomz believe it is best policy and in the best interest of all parties to achieve a prompt resolution of disputes. All customer / consumer complaints will be handled in an open, professional and ethical manner.

Consumers have the right to expect that PV systems supplied by Ecomz will:
(a) perform properly;
(b) reflect the agreed contract;
(c) be fit for purpose as per the specifications provided.

A complaint may include, for example, any expression of dissatisfaction with a product or service offered or provided, with the sales process or salesperson, or with the complaints handling procedure itself.

A complainant will be advised what we intend to do, and provide clear timeframes for when to expect a response, or when to expect a progress report.

Initial Procedure

1. The Customer complains via phone; email or in person;

2. We accept the complaint and gather information;

3. We acknowledge the complaint – apologise;

4. We perform initial assessment of the complaint;
(a) customer service representative communicates decision;
(b) apology & action;
(c) repair or replacement;

5. The Customer accepts decision;

6. The matter is closed and the details recorded.

If the customer does not accept the decision

1. Our Customer service representative raises the matter to management level;

2. Our Management re-evaluates – decision made;

3. The Customer accepts decision;

4. The matter is closed and the details recorded.

If the customer still does not accept the decision

1. The Customer goes to an external government body in their state to assess matter;

2. All contacts will be supplied by us;

3. Ecomz will abide by the decision of the external body;

4. The matter is closed and the details recorded.

Complaints can be referred to the relevant Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs office in your state; a complete listing below as follows:


Queensland Office of Fair Trading

GPO Box 3111

Brisbane QLD 4001

Ph.13 13 04 13 74 68