Jinko Excels Again In Independent PVEL Rankings

Jinko Solar ranks again as a “Top Performer”

Image: JinkoSolar

Jinko Solar ranks again as a “Top Performer”, by independent test house, PVEL. Not just in one ranking, but two, and has done so for the fifth year in a row now. This is from four of the test program criteria. The details are in the 2019 annual PVEL “PV Module Reliability Scorecard”.

Solar giant Jinko, is a member of the “Solar Module Super League” (SMSL)

Their mono 60 cell series – JKMxxxM-60B ranks as a Top Performer in the PID (Potential Induced Degradation) testing. And also the Thermal Cycle tests too with less than 2% degradation. This is a sensitive area for mono PERC panels, so to be able to score well is a great result.

They also collected Top Performer status for their JKMxxxM-60 and JKMxxxM-60-V and JKMxxxM-72 / JKMxxxM-72-V , 72 cell panels.

The JKM315M-60 panel is one that we recommend and use a lot. So it’s great to see PVEL confirms our best choice of mid-range panel. In addition, the testing regime covers Damp Heat and Dynamic Mechanical Loading tests too.

It appears that the big effort that Jinko is investing into its products is paying off. Mr Kangping Chen, is the CEO of Jinko Solar is clearly a very happy man, saying he is extremely proud. This sort of achievement makes it so much easier to convince clients that they really are investing in excellence. PVEL’s testing is now even more harsh than earlier years, and the quality of the panel is still very high.

There are many panel makes that do not even submit their panels for testing. Those that do make the grade, are already firm favourites of what we offer to our customers. Jinko is the only solar maker to have a branch in every state of Australia.

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