Jinko Solar Posts 469.3 Watt Mono Panel Record

Jinko Solar Posts 469.3 Watt Mono Panel Record

Image: JinkoSolar

Jinko is back in the news again with another record efficiency level for its mono PERC tech. They did this with their “half cut” Cheetah cell tech module, which scored a 24.38% efficiency level. And their ‘n type’ mono cell that got up to 24.58%. They were able to pull out a record 469.3 watts from a 72 cell module.

They did this with a mono panel with 158.75mm wafer cells on board. A few rivals have also gone with larger wafer sizes too, to get as much out of a solar panel. It appears that larger wafers will hold a great deal of attention in future. So it’s likely to become the new standard.

TÜV Rheinland did the testing. Jinko was also the holder of the previous record of 23.95% in May, 2018. The cell efficiencies for both have been verified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

By having a larger wafer, it has cut down the spaces or gaps between the cells on the panel. It gives better use of the available space on the panel. But 158.75mm is a big as they can go in effect, without making changes to their production lines.

A Cheetah cell is square, not like most others that have their corners clipped. So this gives it a bit more room to make more power. In fact it increases the active area on the cell by 1.21%. That may not appear much but it is when you’re trying get every last watt out of a panel.

With the advent of the Cheetah cell, Jinko has been able to make big strides in improving output and strength. The PVEL 2019 ‘PV Module Reliability Scorecard’, shows Jinko as a Top Performer every year since 2014. The testing regime was in fact even more severe than previous years too. So it has been a very good result for them.

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