LONGi Solar Panels Review

Longi solar panels review

LONGi Solar Background

LONGi commenced in 2000 in China, focused at that time on making the silicon ingots that are then sliced and used by various manufacturer’s in their own solar panel production. They have had rapid growth, and have now started to produce their own solar panels, becoming a true vertically-integrated company – producing everything themselves. LONGi is the fastest growing solar panel maker in the world. LONGi produce only monocrystalline panels.

About LONGi Solar Panles

The LONGi 300 Mono PERC panel is the particular product we have experience with. "PERC" is just another fancy name for higher efficiency (Passivated emitter rear contact). So far we can report that this panel has met expectations, it’s a ‘game changer’ in that it’s the first really good , “standard size” mono 300 watt panel that’s been offered at a price that’s about the same as polycrystalline panels of similar rating.

LONGi Build Quality

The LONGi 300 mono PERC comes straight off the delivery pallet looking the goods. A good, strong 40mm black frame holding it all together. It has a very nice, uniform appearance too, which is to be expected from a Tier 1 panel and being monocrystalline. Also, customers have commented on their good looks.

LONGi Solar Panels Warranty & Service

Product warranty is 10 years - Performance guarantee is 25 years.
LONGi currently does not have an office in Australia and all warranty claims will be handled by Powerark Australia, one of Australia’s biggest solar wholesalers. Given the growth of this company, we fully expect them to establish a presence here soon.

LONGi - Rating

This is a great panel. It covers all bases at the price it is being offered. It directly challenges the LG and Sunpower “super panels” in performance, with the only real difference being the length of warranty being offered. Given what we’ve seen so far, warranty claims are not expected to be high on the list of probabilities for many years.
LONGi Solar Panels Review: Our Rating 3/5
Longi Solar Panels Review

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