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May 6, 2018
Jinko Eagle

Jinko Panels Eagle 270w - 280w

From Jinko Solar Australia

Get These Eagles Up There

This series runs from 260 to 280 watts, but most Jinko Panels are 270's maybe some selling 275's. The Eagle 270w has a 5 busbar design but this is true for all new Jinko Panels too.  So if you have more 'busbars', this means more output, and right where it’s shady. When its hot mono panels can put out just a bit more power. But not by much. The Eagle series has in fact closed this gap a lot though. We have found these guys quite friendly, so just get in touch with Jinko Solar Australia for any help. 

So Why Jinko Solar Australia?

In fact for those new to solar it doesn't take long to see that Jinko has clout. Also, in the last few years, it has grown to be one the largest PV suppliers. Many see that while all panels try to do the same thing, some are a bit better. This is why buyers can trust Jinkos as they look good, but put out a lot of power. To find out more, then down load the product data sheet at the link below. 

The firm has grown quite fast and as a result is now a solar giant. So in all the main markets around the world you will now see Jinko too. But what we want to see is what Jinko is doing here in this country. The firm is all the time vying then with its rivals in a race to stay at the top. And they put a lot of work in fact into our market here too. So its not hard to get behind a firm that supports and helps its clients. So this is what sets Jinko apart. 

But Can You Spot The Fake Eagle 270w?

Most in fact would not know that Jinko has a branch in all states. Also, they have the most share of the market here too. So its true in fact that there are more Jinkos going up on Aussie roofs. This when there is a lot of others trying to get sales too. The firm has won some big solar farm jobs here too, as well as overseas. Some have also tried to exploit Jinko's brand here and they have in fact sold fakes. So buyers beware if it looks too good to be true it probably is! These are also the people quoting the same systems as good firms but for a $1,000 less. So watch out for fake Jinkos!

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by Solar Power Panels on Jinko Eagle 270w - 280w

Good quality panels with 40mm solid frame, 25-year performance warranty and a reasonable price tag too!