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May 17, 2017
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SunPower Panels In Australia

The Best Solar Panels - SunPower X-Series

SunPower X-Series In Australia

You may not have heard of the US firm SunPower, but they make some of the best in the world. In fact some of the best solar panels that is. Founded by Dr Richard Swanson, SunPower Panels have been around since 1985, and so they've been here a long time. There are three series in the SunPower solar panels range - the X, E and also the P. In this case the P Series is mainly for solar farms and the like. Our eyes are on those for your home though and that is the SunPower X-Series and the E-Series. Sunpower in Australia, have the "X" models SPR-X21 which is 345 watts and the SPR-X21 that is 335 watts. The "E" models are the SPR-E19 which is 320 watts and the SPR-E20 that is 327. While reading through you will see why they are a major force in the solar.

While we have touched on Dr Swanson he is famous for something else too. Some use "Swanson's Law" so that they can guess where the solar market is going. Some have said that he devised "Swanson's Law", but this is not true. The aircraft industry in the 1930's also used the same idea to predict growth. But seeing he's one of the founding fathers of solar, maybe we might let him have that honor? It says that as the total world wide shipped of solar panels doubles, then the price falls by 20%. This 'law' seemed to be true for a time but heavy investment by China of late, has blown it away. They 'broke the law' so who knows where it is heading now?

What Is So Good About SunPower Panels Then?

Maybe you have thought what makes a solar panel better, and so how will it help you? To get an idea of how it all works in depth means a lot of reading. So it will be hard going to try in this small space. Well can we just say SunPower are at the top and also the best you can get? In fact what makes a panel 'efficient' is how well it can turn sun light in to power. So the more the better. In effect the best solar panels can do this with less area. So this is then what you might say is the "SunPower edge". While most are 14% to 18% efficient, SunPower are a lot better, up to 19.1% and 22.2%. These small amounts in fact mean a lot. This goes some way to show why they are so far ahead of the pack.

Best Solar Panels with 25 Years To Be Sure

One of the things you see right away when you look at SunPower panels is their size. The X and E Series are the same, the panel seems more square than others. In fact they are about the same size as other panels. So the power they have been able to get from almost the same size is quite special. Also they have a thick, strong copper base too, not found on others. They are dark and have a 'clean look', and in fact there is a heavy duty 46mm frame. To be sure, no other would deal with shade as well, and add that huge 25 year warranty too.
To be sure, no other would deal with shade as well either. Their panels are still some of the most efficient you can get, with LG as their main rival. But no one has that 25 year warranty.

Sunpower in Australia Handles Our Harsh Land So Well

As just said before, SunPower panels turn more sun light into power than others, and this gives you 36% more. This means they make 60% more power over 25 years and as a result, save more on your power bills. On the "X" Series this is in fact up to 70% over the same time frame. All have the great "Maxeon" tech, which lets these panels make a lot more power than others. But the SunPower X-Series has the "Gen III" Maxeon cells, and on the "E" Series it has "Gen II". So the "X" Series might have a slight edge over the "E" but you will pay more for it. They resist salt well and so have the best rating for this too. These panels suit our harsh Aussie climate so if you live by the sea these are the ones to get.

There’s Been A Hiccup But A Bounce Back

In 2017 they had some money issues and this in fact caused some loss of capacity and sackings, not good. They bounced back in 2018 and snapped up SolarWorld are also a US panel firm too. So it looks like that after a bit of reshuffling, they are back on track. Let’s hope so, as there's all those 25 year warranties out there. They have plants in Malaysia and Mexico, but now will make them in the US too. As now they own SolarWorld, and they still make panels in the US. The French oil firm Total S.A. holds 60% of Sun Power, and so they are not in truth "all American". On the other hand, this might help not harm SunPower's strength. Of course it won’t hurt to have such a powerful friend in hard times.

In Effect You Have A Super Panel

The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) tests panels so they know a good one when they see it. The NREL says the main cause of failure is due to cell wiring breaks and corrosion. They say 86% of faults are due to 40.7% cell connection breaks and also 45.3% by corrosion. So it’s fair to say a great panel will have these things sorted out. It’s no surprise then that these are two main areas that Sun Power have worked hard on to get right. So it’s no wonder then why they have a drop out rate of only about 1 in 20,000. Add to that an predicted life span of 40 years, and in effect you have a super panel. OK, so you pay a lot of money, but only a few put this effort in their panels.

Lastly, This Is What A Real Warranty Looks Like

SunPower has a great warranty where others try but no one gets close to. If a panel fails, you get a new panel, and they in fact pay for the lot. They can do this because their panels have such a low failure rate. With warranty it’s a good thing in fact, to look at how a panel goes together. It’s also a good thing to know what goes into it too. In essence a high standard of these two is likely to be your best assurance of all. They would be the best looking panels as it were, if these things are in fact important. When you decide if these are for you, keep in mind that they are the best solar panels you will likely get. So, who knows what the future holds for Sun Power, but what we do know is this - quality is king. Protected by Copyscape

SunPower Panels - A 40 year predicted life span
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SunPower Panels - A 40 year predicted life span
What does a super panel look like? It starts with a 25 year total warranty and a solid copper base. Others just make, SunPower build. Find out why, SunPower.
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