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6.6kW Seraphim With Growatt Inverter

* Colorbond, single level, single phase, compliant meter box within 100kms of Brisbane CBD. Prices subject to confirmation upon compliance assessment. Extra charge for 3-phase inverter,2-storey/Split-level, Concrete & terracotta tiles.

Seraphim panels offer excellent performance, reliability and affordability that set them apart from the competition.

The Seraphim SII Series are designed around Seraphim's unique 158.75mm silicon wafer cell, that also features the latest multi-busbar technologies to improve overall performance across the board. This is especially true of the SRP-370-BMC module that has a 19.94% efficiency rating plus 370W power output.

Seraphim is listed as one of the “Top Performers” as rated by the independent test house, PVEL. Seraphim has been consistently in the top grouping every year since they began testing panels. The SRP-370-BMC carries a 25-year performance guarantee and 15-year product warranty too. All their warranties are supported by the company locally here in Australia. This is one of the best panels in the mid-range price group, and are excellent value for money.