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6.6kW Jinko Panels Tiger Pro 415 & Growatt


6.64kW Jinko Solar panels system with  Growatt MIN 5000TL-X

  • 16 x Jinko Tiger 415w solar panels  “P-Type” – MBB Technology.
  • 15-year product warranty – 25-year performance guarantee!
  • 1 x  Growatt Mini 5kW Solar inverter, which has locally supported and comes with a 5+5 year warranty
* Colorbond, single level, single phase, compliant meter box within 100kms of Brisbane CBD. Prices subject to confirmation upon compliance assessment. Extra charge for 3-phase inverter,2-storey/Split-level, Concrete & terracotta tiles.

JinkoSolar panels are an excellent choice for a reliable solar energy system for your home or business. The Tiger P-Type 54HL4 proved very popular for residential and Commercial applications. It has the latest multi-busbar cells, improving performance and enhancing appearance to boost power output and overall efficiency. Add Hot 2.0 technology to reduce Light Induced degradation (LID) and Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LETID).

Another issue affecting solar panels is PID (Potential Induced Degradation). Better materials and next-level manufacturing processes used in the Tiger Pro P-Type 54HL4 effectively combat this.

We also offer a wide range of inverters, so you can choose the one that's right for you.