Seraphim Solar Panels Review

Seraphim Solar Panels Review

SERAPHIM Company Background

Seraphim was founded in 2009 in China, and began innovating and building a powerful brand straight away. A look on their website reveals an impressive list of achievements in Solar. Significantly, Seraphim has developed over 4GW of global capacity. Its products are now installed in a wide range of projects – not just residential homes, in more than 30 countries.


We are discussing the SERAPHIM SRP-6 275-watt polycrystalline solar panel, specifically. This panel has been sold widely throughout Australia. As with many top-end panels sourced from Tier 1 makers, there has not been any reported issues with Seraphim products. There is no third party testing to compare performance with other panels, but this is largely the case for nearly all panels on the Australian Market. However, this should not hold anyone back from selecting them, if the price offered is right.

SERAPHIM - Build Quality

This SERAPHIM panel is very well manufactured – you can tell visually when inspecting the panel. It has a 40mm frame which definitely gives more rigidity and overall panel strength. So, there has been no short cuts in actual build quality. This is a very good start. The cells appear uniform and overall the panel looks the part.atures better than many panels up to 1.5% on certain models. This means that on hotter days, their output is less affected.

SERAPHIM Warranty and Service

10 year product warranty - 25 year performance guarantee. Recently, SERAPHIM opened an office in Brisbane, this is a major step forward for SERAPHIM in Australia. One of the main selling points for any solar product is that the manufacturer has an office in Australia. We have never had any requirement at this time to make any warranty claims, so we cannot comment on the process, but would not expect variance in methods to other Tier 1 makers.

SERAPHIM Solar Panels Review

A true Tier 1 panel in every respect. The SRP-P 275 is generally priced about mid-range, but less than the equivalent Jinko product. We don't feel there is much compromise, if any in selecting these panels against other, more costly competitors’ products. SERAPHIM SRP-P 275 rates very highly even against monocrystalline models too. Protected by Copyscape
SERAPHIM Solar Panels Review: Our Rating 3/5
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