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April 21, 2022
Trina Mono PERC

PERC Solar Panels

What so good about PERC panels? Are they better than conventional Silicon ?
March 30, 2022
Half cut cell panels

What’s a half-cut solar panel?

Half-cut solar cells are one of the latest technologies to increase solar panel efficiency. This might seem totally crazy, that such a seemingly simple thing could actually result in a better solar panel...
March 30, 2022
shingled solar installation

Shingled Solar Panels Technology

Shingled solar cells going viral. How they compare to Jinko Tilling Ribbons? And what about the German's Matrix Shingle Cell ?
March 11, 2022
Are highly efficient solar panels worth the money?

Are highly efficient solar panels worth the money?

When mapping out a solar install, having enough space to put the panels is an ongoing problem. Some roofs are great, so there is no problem in getting what you want up there. But its more of an issue with residential solar than with commercial or solar farm projects. In many cases, on a tight roof, only the highest out put panels can really make the effort worthwhile. But there is a price to pay for that, so buyers need to be careful.
February 21, 2022

The Hi-MO 5m solar 415-watt solar module

Panel giant Longi, have released a new panel to their Hi-MO 5 series. The latest model is rated at 415w and has impressive 21.25% efficiency level.