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October 3, 2020
CER Reports Solar Surge CV19

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator Reports Solar Surge

According the Clean Energy Regulator’s (CER) latest report, CV19 hasn’t appeared to slow Aussie households taking up solar at all. In fact, it appears to be propelling a spike in growth. Around 30% of homes now have rooftop solar, now pushing to set a new local record, and match international benchmarks. Given the ongoing high price of electricity, falling solar costs and lots of sunshine, its no surprise that people are investing in solar as a realistic solution.
July 3, 2020
Queensland Heralds Solar Breakthrough

University of Queensland Heralds Solar Breakthrough

Quantum Dot Technology developed by the University of Queensland (UQ) produces a significant breakthrough in solar energy production. Their work with nano-particles, “quantum dots”, has seen them break the world record for solar energy conversion to electricity. This puts the technology one step closer to being a reality in our lives, saving us money and CO². “Quantum dots” even work in low-light conditions.
March 2, 2020

Thin-Film Solar Research Hits 25% Efficiency For The First Time

According to scientists at Belgium’s Hasselt University, imec, traditional silicon solar cells now have a new rival in Thin-Film types.
February 28, 2020
Trina Top-three panel maker

Trina Solar Pumps 10GW In 2019, Rolling On For More In 2020

Top-three panel maker Trina Solar rose to a new level in 2019, shipping over 10GW of panels. Also in 2019, the company notched up several world records for conversion efficiency too.
September 30, 2019
Cybersecurity Hub

Adelaide Cybersecurity Hub Set To Protect Your Solar

Power grids are vulnerable to cyber attack. As rooftop solar increases, so does the threat. Many inverters connect to the Internet that upload and store data. It’s a ‘backdoor’ that criminals could use to harm our energy systems. The state government of South Australia (SA) is working with USA's MITRE to take on these threats.
September 28, 2019
Solar Panels Viable Short Term

Study Suggests Solar Panels Are Viable Even Short Term

A recent study indicates that changing out to new solar panels after only 10 years can in fact be viable. In many cases the same roof mount system and cabling can kept. This is in contrast to expecting at least a 25-year life span to make the project worthwhile.