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September 30, 2019
Cybersecurity Hub

Adelaide Cybersecurity Hub Set To Protect Your Solar

Power grids are vulnerable to cyber attack. As rooftop solar increases, so does the threat. Many inverters connect to the Internet that upload and store data. It’s a ‘backdoor’ that criminals could use to harm our energy systems. The state government of South Australia (SA) is working with USA's MITRE to take on these threats.
September 28, 2019
Solar Panels Viable Short Term

Study Suggests Solar Panels Are Viable Even Short Term

A recent study indicates that changing out to new solar panels after only 10 years can in fact be viable. In many cases the same roof mount system and cabling can kept. This is in contrast to expecting at least a 25-year life span to make the project worthwhile.
August 20, 2019
SunMan Lightweight Solar Panels Power Maritime Museum

SunMan Lightweight Solar Panels Power Maritime Museum

There are many places, where due to their size, shape or weight “normal” solar panels will not suit. Recently, the man behind solar firm, Suntech, has put his talents towards lightweight solar panels. He created the “eArche” solar panel weighing about a third of a “normal” panel, but having the same output.
August 12, 2019
Solar Powered Floating Robot

FRED The Solar Powered Floating Robot For Eliminating Debris

The power of the Sun can now help us clean the oceans. FRED will pick up tonnes of junk that pose a threat to us all, but especially wild life. Students from the University of San Diego (USD), with funding by Clear Blue Sea, has successfully test launched their prototype. They are ready to go to the next phase and upscale the idea.
August 5, 2019
Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Solar Panels? Take a Look At Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Talk has it that Elon Musk is ramping up production of Tesla’s new Version 3 Solar Roof Tiles. They are working to push out enough for 1000 homes per week. The uptake of the earlier V2 type did not meet forecasts, so they are back with a new better, model. Now with a 23% efficiency rating, this could spark interest.
July 28, 2019
Fully Charge Your EV In 5 Minutes

No Joke: Fully Charge Your EV In 5 Minutes

Picture this: It takes four hours to charge your electric scooter to take you 70 km. So how about we cut that back to just 5 minutes? Interested? This technology can also charge your electric vehicle and mobile stuff too. Israel’s StoreDot and investor BP are making this real, because no one wants to wait.