Jinko Solar Panels Review

Jinko 370w – JKM370M-66H Panels

So How Did Jinko Start?

Founded in 2006, Jinko produces Solar panels now around the world including Portugal, Malaysia and South Africa too. They are in fact one of the world’s biggest solar panels makers. In this Jinko Solar Panels Review, we look at top market leader - the Jinko 370 watt JKM370M-66H. Jinko has been in the top 3 in Bloomberg’s Tier 1 report for some time. It has 16GW of solar deployed globally. Also, as at 2017, it is in first place in rooftop solar market share in Australia. So good in fact, they have ZERO Power warranty claims in Australia and New Zealand. They also have an office in all states – including the Northern Territory.

More Then About Jinko

The JKM370M-66H 370 watt solar panel, is in fact one of our most popular panel. It has proven itself as a top quality, mid priced panel. There is no need then to spend mega bucks - just get Jinko! We've installed lots of these panels and in fact have never had any warranty or service calls. Tested by Choice and also the CSIRO, these panels come up trumps. Many other panels mostly can only rely on their glossy sales brochures - which are not always true.

Top Build Quality.

Up until now, we have never had any problems due to build quality with Jinko panels. Jinko is a good option to most of the expensive brands. These panels are not the absolute best you can buy, but are many steps higher than others of their kind. These days, they have a large following in Australia. These panels have a 35mm frame which also feels solid and has good rigidity.

Warranty and Service - Indeed A BIG Jinko Plus!

Jinko has a 12 year product warranty and also a 25 year performance guarantee and with offices in every state, you’re unlikely go wrong with great support like this.

Jinko Solar Panels Review

Jinko Solar Package