LG Solar Panels Review

LG Solar Panels Review

LG Company Background

LG Solar, established in 2004, but active since 1985, their factories are in South Korea. It is also one of the world’s greatest producers of panels. The company is in the top three of the best solar panels and also #14 on Bloomberg's Tier 1 list.

About LG Solar

If you are reading this there is then, a very strong chance, you already have heard of these panels. LG are an industry benchmark, in fact rivaled only by Sunpower. LG is a much bigger company though, and quite innovative, so there may be some additional strength in that.

LG Solar - Build Quality

These panels are dripping with quality, and when unpacked, you can see exactly why people rave about them. Like Sunpower, these panels look precise too, also what is missing are the silver ribbons running up and down them. This is because of LG “Cello” technology which moves these connecting strands to the rear of the cell. This then enables a greater flow of ions, increasing output. The panel frames are 40mm wide and very firm, and especially suited for marine or beachside locations as well. There is a long list of certifications that these panels either comply with or well exceed.

LG Product Warranty

A 12 year product and a 25 year, 83.4% performance guarantee also gives one of the best warranties. At this time we don't know of anyone who has had any warranty issues with these panels. Also, LG Solar is located in Sydney. Update: LG has now in fact given their NeON 2 panels a 25 year product warranty. They have also raised this to 15 years on the Mono X series too.

So How Does LG Rate?

These panels have a slightly longer product warranty than most – its 12 years. Sunpower has a 25 year product warranty, but this would be the only reason to rate LG less. However, at this level of quality, and the company's strength in the market keeps it rating at the top. UPDATE: This has now also been raised to 25 years, to match SunPower. 
LG Solar Panels Review : Rating 5/5
LG Solar Panels Review

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