REC Solar Panels Review - REC Solar Panels - REC TwinPeak Series

REC Solar Panels Review - TwinPeak Series

REC Solar Panels Review

REC - Renewable Energy Corporation

REC in fact stands for the Renewable Energy Corporation (REC). Founded in Norway by Bluestar Investments in 1996, REC in fact makes its panels in Singapore. Recent growth has pushed REC now then to 19th on the Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers list. Worldwide, REC panels have produced over 5GW of power, they also have an Australian office too. Please note, this is not a Chinese company or Chinese panels but made in Singapore.

REC's Products - TwinPeak Series

The current REC series we are reviewing is in fact the REC 280TP TwinPeak 280 watt solar panel. Indeed, it's one of our most enquired about products. REC in Singapore also makes these panels to precise standards. The Twin Peak therefore uses clever design to get the most power out of the available space on the panel. Anyone in the Solar knows REC panels, and indeed they have proven to be a great competitor.

REC Solar Panels Quality

We have been involved in the Solar Industry since 2008, and in that time, we have seen many brand and companies come and go. REC is a “stayer” in the Industry. Continually producing well-constructed panels that will pass any immediate test – they are very good. Amongst having an impressive efficiency rate, REC panels TwinPeak Series are hail and load tested to twice the accepted industry standard.

REC Panels Excellence - Watch Video

What About the Warranty and Service ?

REC has an incredibly low warranty claim rate – in fact it's only 1 panel in 10,000. Not many companies however, can boast of such a low rate. What's impressive is REC’s commitment to after sales service, in fact there will be no problem getting support. To make things easier, REC Solar also have an office in Melbourne. To date, we have not had any warranty issues with REC panels also, we have not known anyone having any.

REC Solar Panels Review and Rating

REC are a safe purchase, however, they are efficient and well made too. They have a slightly higher price than market leader Jinko, but much lower than costly LG and Sunpower. We recommend then that you seriously consider these panels. Some buyers want panels not made in China or Chinese owned, so these will suit them.
Our Rating 4/5
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