HT-SAAE Solar Panel Review

HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review

HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review: Company Background

It is all began in 1998 and is a Global Fortune 500 company. It has over 19 years experience in the solar power Industry, with ultra modern manufacturing facilities in China – they make the panels complete from the silicon wafers right through to the finished product. HT-SAAE currently ranks 20th on Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers list. HT-SAAE is one of the world’s most successful smaller producers of high quality, tier 1 solar panels, with over 3GW of solar installed globally. Powerark supports HT-SAAE across Australia.

HT-SAAE Solar Panels: General

The current HT-SAAE series is the HT60-156P 265-watt solar panel. It is one of our most popular low cost, Tier 1 products. HT-SAAE produces these poly-crystalline panels in China, and they have shown themselves as a very good, lower cost option for those that want excellent quality from a solar panel, but not wanting to spend too much to get the job done. Sounds like what most of us want!

HT-SAAE Solar Panels Build Quality

You could say that HT-SAAE panel is just like any other high-quality solar panel. It’s put together well, all the angles and mitres fit snugly together, as do the connections and cabling. The 35mm frame feels quite firm, and the overall appearance looks as though the quality control systems are working very well.

HT-SAAE Solar Panels Service

HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review: Warranty and Service

These panels are covered by a 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance guarantee. Enquiries can be directed to Powerark Australia, who has an office in all states of Australia.
HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review

HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review: Rating

These panels are offered at a lower cost than other bigger, better-known panel brands. They are not the cheapest panel by any means and are a true Tier 1 product. These panels are particularly suited to situations where high quality is still sought – but additional outlay on a system is not justified or affordable. A very good, sound product all the same.

HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review: 3/5


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