Link Energy Solar Panel Review

Link Solar Panels Company

Company Background: Link Energy Formerly Solarland

Founded in 2003, they have 14 years experience in the Photovoltaic Industry;
Automatic product line with 600MW capacity, ensuring high quality & efficiency;
An international brand, registered in 38 countries with 15 branches;
World leading producer of PV products and a green energy technology solution provider.
Link Energy Solar Panels Review
Link Solar Power Panels

About Link Energy Panels

The Link Energy Pilot-60 270 watt black framed solar panel is one of our most popular products. This panel is produced by Link Energy in China (as are most panels these days), but it has proven itself as a very worthy, low-cost option for those that are wanting good quality from a panel but not wanting to spend too much to achieve the desired result. We have installed hundreds of these panels and have not had any warranty or service issues to date. The panel also has a black anodised frame which certainly does enhance its appearance – relevant in cases where the panels might be directly visible at street level.
Link Solar Panels Quality

Link Energy Solar Panels Review: Build Quality

While reading other Solarland Solar Panels Reviews, the common theme is that the product itself is made and positioned at exactly where many buyers are trying to look. A high quality, lower cost alternative to the mainstream expensive big brands. This panel is by no means the best you can buy, but certainly, it is a very good product that is a step or two higher than entry-level. They are well made. The panel has a 35mm frame which is fairly standard and even though not as solid as a 40mm frame; still has rigidity, and does the job admirably and should not be of concern. There are no contrary indications from installers either. These panels are easily installed and connected , so they are well received in that respect.
Link Solar Panels Service

Link Energy Solar Panels Review: Warranty and Service

In Australia, enquiries can be directed to the company’s office in Belmont, Sydney or even more readily through Powerark Australia, who have an office in many states of Australia.
Link Solar Panels Review

Link Energy Solar Panels Review: Rating

While looking at other Link Energy Solar Panels Reviews, and taking into account our own professional experience in actually installing this product, I would have to say that anyone who is not prepared to pay for, or does not see the sense in paying for big brand names, should at least consider these panels for the their solar project. Protected by Copyscape
Link Energy Solar Panels Review: Our Rating 3/5

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Link Energy panels come with a super robust frame, they have a 40mm frame, and this makes them stronger and more durable!

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With the first Monocrystalline power plant being built 30 years ago, and continuing to run to date, this is why Link Energy are an advocate of monocrystalline solar technology.

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