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REC Solar Panels Review: Company Background

REC (Renewable Energy Corporation) was founded in Norway, 1996. REC's manufacturing facility in Singapore started in 2010. The company is privately held, and it is a Norwegian-owned company (Bluestar Investment). REC Solar is #19 on Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers list.
The company has generated 5GW of solar energy globally. REC has an Australian office and distribution facility in Melbourne.
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REC Solar Panels Review: General

The current REC series we are looking at in this review is the REC280TP Twin Peak 280 watt solar panel. It is one of our most enquired about products. REC in Singapore makes these panels to exacting specifications. Anyone that is in the Solar Industry knows all about REC panels, and they have shown themselves as a company itself as a formidable competitor even though they are much smaller.

Looking at REC’s performance over the last few years shows that they continue to be at the forefront of solar panel design and efficiency, having set many records for panel performance – and resulting recently with the release of the Twin Peaks Series of panels.
REC Solar Panels Review

REC Solar Panels Review: Build Quality

We have been involved in the Solar Industry since 2008, and in that time, we have seen many brand and companies come and go. REC is a “stayer” in the Industry. Continually producing well-constructed panels that will pass any immediate test – they are very good. Amongst having an impressive efficiency rate, REC panels are hail and load tested to twice the accepted industry standard.

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REC Solar Panels Review

REC Solar Panels Review: Warranty and Service

REC has an incredibly low warranty claim rate – only 1 panel in 10,000. Not many companies can boast having such a minimal rate of product-related problems. What is impressive is REC’s commitment to after-sales service, so if you did happen to be in need of assistance there will be not a problem in expecting to get support. Enquiries can be directed to REC Solar Australia, who has an office in Melbourne, Australia.
REC Solar Panels Review

REC Solar Panels Review: Rating

REC panels are a very safe solar purchase, they are incredibly efficient and well-constructed. They priced below the most expensive panels such as LG and Sunpower and slightly higher than Australian market leader, Jinko Solar. We recommend you seriously consider these panels.

REC Solar Panels Review : Rating 4/5

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