Sunpower Solar Panels Review

Sunpower Solar Panels Review


Sunpower is USA-based company and has officially founded in Silicon Valley, 1985;
The company in excess of 18,000,000 MWh of generated power worldwide and holds more than 200 patents for solar-related technology. SunPower Maxeon™ cell technology – 21% - the World’s highest panel efficiency.
SunPower has unsurpassed 25-year panel and performance warranty.

About Sunpower Solar Panels

SunPower has been active for over 30 years and continues to innovate, pushing the limits of solar energy. The beginnings of Sunpower go back to the 1970’s during the Oil Crisis when founder, Dr. Richard Swanson began looking for and developing alternative energy sources.

Since those days, Sunpower has grown to be the World’s pre-eminent solar manufacturer. Although its actual production output has been exceeded by rival companies, Sunpower’s quality, approach to the market, outstanding warranty and high efficiency has not been surpassed.

Sunpower Solar Build Quality

Sunpower = Renowned build quality. The E-Series is the current family of solar panel products that are being discussed here. The panel we use the most is the E-20 327 watt. There is not a solar panel better constructed than a Sunpower. The best of everything – design and materials.

Better Shade Tolerance - than standard panels by using a unique method achieving a much lower ‘reverse bias voltage, reducing electrical “hot spots” on the panel, allowing more efficiency.

Better LID Protection - LID or Light Induced Degradation is the enemy of solar panels. Panels are ‘doped’ with either phosphorus or boron gas in order to make the silicon conductive, so the panel produces power. Unfortunately, the “P-Type” silicon process used in many panels is very susceptible to breakdown by sunlight. Sunpower utilise an “N-Type” silicone process, which uses only phosphorus gas to enable panel conductivity, and is not degraded by sunlight.

Better Inter-Cell Connection – the individual cells in a Sunpower panel are connected with a much more robust flexible copper mechanism, that allows for the constant expansion and contraction that prematurely destroys the ‘ribbon’ connectors found in standard panels.

Better Heat Tolerance – Because of their composition and design, Sunpower panels handle higher temperatures better than many panels up to 1.5% on certain models. This means that on hotter days, their output is less affected.

Better Moisture Protection – humidity eventually affects all panels over time. The attention to design detail, and the very high quality of parts and materials used in Sunpower panels, means that they are expected to take a lot longer to be adversely affected by moisture degradation.

Unique Back Contact Cell – Sunpower panels have their connections within the cell hidden at the back. This means that the appearance of the cell is uniform and the silver ribbon connectors found in standard panel cells are absent – making the overall panel better looking and more importantly, reducing shading that these ribbons cause in regular solar panel cells.

Better Roof Space Usage – as Sunpower are the industry’s most efficient panels, this means that more power can be generated in the space available on your roof. This is especially important in areas where there is very little usable roof area.

Better Cell Design and Construction – with most standard solar panel cells – fragility is a problem. Poor handling can create problems with any solar panel, but this factor is increased with standard panels, which have a lower threshold of tolerance and resistance to cell “micro-cracking” if not handled appropriately. Sunpower has a thicker copper base which adds significantly to the strength of the cell, improving resistance to damage and ‘micro-cracking’.

Warranty and Service

Sunpower offers a 25-year warranty on its panels. This is unmatched by any other competitor. It provides a guarantee of at least 95% of rated output for the first 5 years, and at least 87% at 25 years. The warranty is comprehensive and covers all costs associated with replacement. There are some conditions that can be confirmed by contacting SunPower Corporation Australia Pty Ltd. 1800 786 769

Sunpower Solar Panels Review

While taking into account other Sunpower Solar Panels Reviews, and our own proficient involvement by selling and installing this product. There are other panels such as the LG, coming close to or near the same level, but given the unparalleled warranty, this puts Sunpower ahead of all competitors.

Sunpower Solar Panels Review : Rating 5/5

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