5kW Solar System, 7kW, or 10kW - We have systems to suit every budget!

Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about what to get. We will do our best to help but without the confusion. Whether you want the best panels that money can buy, or something a bit less, here at Solar Power Panels we can help to select, design , supply and Install! Choose from 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW Solar System, 6kW, 6.5kW, 6.6kW, 7kW, 8kW, 9kW and also 10kW.

Solar Power Panels - So what size system do you need?

We'll give you an near instant quote so you can get an idea of what a suitable package might cost. So we can save you time and get the point quickly, there are a few details we need from you. We can give an accurate quote but there is a short list of things we need to know first. Like, how much is your power bill now, and also do you want batteries one day? What sort of roof do you have, and also is your home two storey? Are you wanting an outright deal or then again maybe on terms? There will most likely be a few more but we’ll work them out in due course.
Panels Cost
3kw solar panels

1kW - 3kW

Most systems we install these days are around 6kW, so its not that often that we do smaller units. However, sometimes there just isn’t enough room on the roof to put any more panels. Solar panels have fallen in price over the last few years making them a lot more affordable. But the cost of a smaller system has not gone down as much when compared. Going as bigger as you can makes sense, and more so if you are thinking of batteries in the future. As having a bit of extra power could also be handy to charge them or sell back to the Grid.

4kW Solar Power Panels

A 4kW system in SE QLD makes around 26 kWh’s per day.

Like 1-3kW systems, we don’t see too many 4kW’s now, and usually its when roof space is scarce. So what we would suggest in cases like this is to use more powerful panels. This makes the most of your roof area, while even the price of these panels have dropped too. So, even if power prices don’t rise that much, a system like this is still well worth it.
Also just added to our range are many new 300W panels, the Longi Mono PERC 300 is one of these. These panels are ideal for tight roofs, so you can get the max from what you have for less money. In order to get the best system to suit you, let us know and we'll do a quote. And YES, we also have finance options too.
5kW Solar System

5kW Solar System

A 5kW system in SE QLD makes around 26 kWh’s per day.

Until lately, a 5kW solar system was the most popular system size. But, as prices of panels and inverters fell, things changed and 6kW became the new norm. Many found that for a few dollars more, they could then get their hands on a much bigger system. Its a good idea to have a bit more power and besides, what if you ever want to charge batteries? Anyway, you may feel that a 5kW is right for you, so make sure to check out our Package Deals! Of course you will find some great 5kW deals here, so contact us for a firm quote. We have great Green Loans too, so going solar is easy!


A 6kW system in SE QLD makes around 26 kWh’s per day.

By far these days – a 6kW solar power panels is now then the most popular. Why so? Well, so its not just that you pay a little bit more and get a larger kit. It’s that most people then understand that at some point they will want to get some batteries.
This to even further reduce their dependence upon buying power from the Grid at night. A bigger system gives you a bit more power to charge some batteries so without putting some more…later on…at then GREATER cost!



A 6.5kW solar power system in SE QLD makes around 29 kWh’s per day.

This then is the biggest system that a customer can have on a single-phase connection without getting permission from Energex. A 6.5kW system in fact still uses a 5kW inverter. If we add more panels, system performance rises then, because we are putting more power up to the inverter. We always recommend then to put up the biggest system you can. So you might feel now, that you don't need the extra power. It’s quite possible then, that you will if wanting batteries one day.

7kW , 8kW, 9kW, 10kW - So your own solar farm!

So YES, you can put up a 7kW or bigger!

If you have the room on your roof and Energex gives permission, so you can put up a larger system. This is then beyond the current 5kW inverter / 6.65kW of panels system size threshold. There are quite a few options that we can discuss so to get the “best bang for your buck”. We can show you how quickly repaid the extra cost then of a 7kW Solar power panels or larger might be.