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If you are after A solar system, don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about what to get. We will do our best to help but without the hype. Whether you want the best panels that money can buy, or want to spend a bit less. Here at Solar Power Panels we will help to select, design and install! Depends on what size of solar system you need, you'll be able to choose from 5kW 6kw 9kw Solar System or larger. Check out our 10kw Solar System page

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions from customers

1What will a solar power panels system cost?
At SolarPowerPanels we’re clear on our pricing. We show prices on our webpages, that give a good indication of what a particular system might cost. A ‘standard’ system is based upon certain factors being present. These are the roof type, whether it’s a single or multi-level home, if a compliant power connection is present and whether the job is within our normal service area. So, in many cases, you can expect the advertised system prices to be not that far from what your firm, fixed priced quote from us will be.
2I’ve got a bit of shade, is it still worth doing solar?
Shade is an unfortunate issue for many properties. Our general approach is to avoid the shaded areas totally if we can. If this can be done without overly compromising the expected production result, then, that’s what we’ll recommend. We have various devices that can help us to reduce the impact of shade, but this extra equipment will cost you extra too, so it’s essential that it can be shown that the project is still realistically viable with these added costs. If we believe that the intended system is not going to be worthwhile, then we’ll say so.
3Can I use my new solar system to heat my water too?
Yes, in many cases this is very real option. If you have an existing electric tank or a heat pump, we can easily arrange to have your solar power, actually heat your water too. This is by adding a “hot water timer” into your meter box at the time of installation. We only recommend this if your expected hot water bill is sufficient to justify the expense of the timer. Sometimes, you’re better off just leaving the existing ‘off-peak’ power arrangements if they are in place. Some households use a lot of hot water, so for them it’s an easy decision. It’s really ‘defacto solar hot water” without the associated cost..
4What about my place, it’s a little bit different, what happens then?
Of course, in some situations extra work and costs will be required, but rest assured, that we will be upfront about what its going to cost. We operate on a “fixed price” basis. When we assess what its going to cost to supply and install a system at your property, we’ll let you know exactly what our costs are, and advise you of any potential additional costs that you might incur from your power retailer, and if your meter box is going to require a compliance upgrade. Important stuff you need to know right from the start.
5How long does it take to install a solar power system?
For many jobs, 5kw or 6kw solar system, it’s only a 4–5-hour exercise, even on larger installs, you can safely expect that the work is completed within a day. When SolarPowerPanels complete our quote for you, any expected delays or interruptions will be advised. Usually, the power is only turned off briefly, so you can expect to be able to use the power normally for most of the time the installation is underway.
6What about Energex and my power retailer, do you help with that?
Yes! One of the most common questions we get is whether we assist in any dealings or requirements with your power retailer and Ergon or Energex. When we install a system all the relevant connection notices are given to the power authorities, so they can advise us of what is called an “EWR”. This is an acronym for “electrical works request”. When you job is complete, we will advise you of the EWR and what to do with it. Its all very straightforward and easy.
7I see you have a lot of brands, why do you recommend them?
In short, we only deal with brands from manufacturers that firstly have been operating in the Solar Industry for some time, and have had a presence in Australia for a good while too, like Jinko Solar Australia, Hyundai Or Canadian Solar. We don’t experiment on you with new, exotic products or brands that haven’t been in the market long enough to make some kind of sensible assessment about. We also steer clear of setups that we believe to be unnecessarily complex. The end result is to save power, and not buy into potential performance and warranty issues.
8So what size of solar system do I need?
We'll do a quick quote to give you an idea of what a deal will cost. We can give a firm quote but there is a short list of things we need to know first. Like, how much is your power bill now, and also do you want a battery one day? What sort of roof do you have, and also is your home two storey? Is your home on single or in fact on three phase power? Do you want to pay cash or then maybe on terms? There will be a few more questions but we'll work them out in due course.
9My old Inverter doesn't work - can you fix it?
Sometimes. Please refer to our  Solar Inverter Repairs Or Replacement Page for more info.

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