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So do you want the best solar power panels money can buy? Then look no further! We supply and then install solar power systems for your home or business. We offer 5kW solar systems, 6kW, 6.5kW, 7kW Solar Systems, or then you might perhaps go for a smaller system ? Solar Power panels can in fact lower your power bill a lot and can improve the value of your home.
Are you looking then perhaps for a 3kW solar system,4kW solar system, 5kW solar system or larger? So check out our great solar package deals! What is more, we can design and build, a solar power system suited just for your power use and budget.

Solar Power Panels - So what size system do you need?

3kW Solar Systems - 5kW Solar Systems - 6kW Solar Systems - 6.5kW Solar Systems - 7kW Solar System + BIG Systems

We added recently to our lineup, 7kW Solar Systems and larger, so installing a bigger system is easier. Ask us how then to get a 7kW Solar System! If you think one day you will want to connect batteries, then we can help you plan for that too. It’s a good idea to think about what your needs might be in a few years time. Most people only consider their immediate power requirements when choosing a solar system. That's great, but then it’s also a good idea to get a solar system that covers your future battery too. Make sure you plan to install a solar system only once, and not twice. It can be so very expensive to have to do it more than once. Perhaps it’s not good to leave it until later, as approval may not be possible.
3kW Solar System1

1kW up to 3kW

A 1kW solar power system in SE QLD = then around - 5 kWh’s per day on average.
A 2kW solar power system in SE QLD = then around - 8 kWh’s per day on average.
A 3kW solar power system in SE QLD = then around 13 kWh’s per day on average.

Many customers ask us if we still install small systems – YES we do! However, it is much better value therefore to at least get a 3-4kW. Understanding though, roof space sometimes prevents installing a bigger system. The cost of installing either a 1.5kW or a 3kW is relatively similar. As the cost of solar power systems has reduced over the last years, so it’s cheaper to get more capacity. Especially then if you are thinking about getting batteries in the future. A bit of residual power therefore could be very handy.

4kW Solar Systems2

4kW Solar Power Panels

A 4kW solar power system in SE QLD = then around 17kWh’s per day on average.

This sized system is then the “odd man out”. So a customer with limited roof space gets this. Larger capacity panels make this system valuable though, as any output over 15 kWh’s per day is worth having. Especially with the cost of power rising then all the time.
UPDATE: This is not changing for the better anytime soon, so even a smaller system is definitely worth getting. The new Solax inverter suits smaller systems so we now stock these. Also recently added to our product line-up are the impressive Longi Mono PERC 300 watt panels. To get the best system size and performance, so just get in touch, and we’ll quote your specific situation. Don’t forget we also offer NO DEPOSIT finance too.


5kW Solar System

A 5kW solar power system in SE QLD, then around 22 kWh’s.

Up until recently, a 5kW was the most popular system size. However, as prices of panels and inverters fell, so things changed. Many more customers realised then that paying only a few dollars more, they could get a 6 or 6.5kW system. This would then give them some extra capacity, however, a 5kW Solar System could be just what you need! So check our Package Deals Page for some 5kW Solar System deals.
Contact us then for a free consultation. We have finance at no deposit too, so going solar really is easy!

6kW Solar System4

6kW Solar System

A 6kW solar power system in SE QLD = then around 26 kWh’s.

By far these days – a 6kW solar power system is now then the most popular. Why so? Well, so its not just that you pay a little bit more and get a larger kit. It’s that most people then understand that at some point they will want to get some batteries.
This to even further reduce their dependence upon buying power from the Grid at night. A bigger system gives you a bit more power to charge some batteries so without putting some more…later on…at then GREATER cost!

6.5kW Solar System5

Solar Power Panels - 6.5kW Solar System

A 6 kW solar power system in SE QLD = then around 29 kWh’s average per day.

This then is the biggest system that a customer can have on a single-phase connection without getting permission from Energex. A 6.5kW system in fact still uses a 5kW inverter. If we add more panels, system performance rises then, because we are putting more power up to the inverter. We always recommend then to put up the biggest system you can. So you might feel now, that you don't need the extra power. It’s quite possible then, that you will if wanting batteries one day.

7kw Solar System6

7kW Solar System, 8kW, 9kW, 10kW - So your own solar farm!

So YES, you can put up a 7kW Solar System or bigger!

If you have the room on your roof and Energex gives permission, so you can put up a larger system. This is then beyond the current 5kW inverter / 6.65kW of panels system size threshold. There are quite a few options that we can discuss so to get the “best bang for your buck”. We can show you how quickly repaid the extra cost then of a 7kW Solar System or larger might be.

Solar Power Panels

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