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SolarPowerPanels is CEC Approved Solar Retailer committed to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code which is a voluntary scheme authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

As our name suggests, we supply and install Grid-Connected solar PV systems, in and around the South Eastern region of Queensland. We go as far north as Gympie, out west to Toowoomba and down south to The Border. We don’t like to stretch our resources too far, this way we can be sure to provide the essential back up support to all our systems.

You might also notice, that we don’t have low-end, no-name panels and inverters, but we do have affordable, quality systems that you can also purchase on terms through Plenti and ZIP Money. Just to name a few famous brands we carry; there’s  Hyundai with their latest  Shingled Solar Technology, and REC with their highly efficient heterojunction(HJT) panels, and we have the iconic  Canadian Solar  in there too.

Then there’s Jinko with their latest Multi-Busbar (MBB) panels, and  LONGi, a major supplier of silicon wafers, offering their own excellent PERC modules. Top shelf panels like SunPower and LG are available too. On the inverter side, we install a lot of Fronius, SMA  and  Sungrow.
For the “budget but quality” conscious, there’s the multi-awarded and proven Growatt. We’re happy to announce that GoodWe is our latest addition to our line up!

We look forward to helping you!