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Seraphim, Longi, Jinko, SunPower, REC, Link Energy, LG, Trina and more...

  • AKCOME Mono Panels
    The AKCOME Group is a global company, that currently employs more than 6000 people. They are a leading manufacturer; integrating design, production, sales and service of PV.
  • Seraphim
    While this company is not the largest, it still is a big name in PV. They may not be as big but you will find Seraphim Solar tier 1 panels are one of the best. And that is true all around the world.
  • Longi Solar Panels are one of the largest mono cell makers in the world. They make solar PV panels and silicon wafers and have been in business since 2000. Longi 300W LR6 60 PB is one of our best sellers.
  • Jinko Solar Review
    Jinko Mono PERC panels look good, but they have a high out put as well. The two most popular types are then the Cheetah 60 315W, 330W and 370W. Jinko Solar have a branch in all states too.
  • Sunpower
    SunPower X-Series and the E-Series. What does a super panel look like? It starts with a 25 year total warranty and a solid copper base. Others just make, SunPower build. Find out why, SunPower.
  • REC
    Its head office is in Norway, but REC builds all its panels in Singapore. They make great Tier 1 panels, like the REC TwinPeak that also have a ten year warranty. They also have an office in Melbourne. Search for REC Solar Panels, and you will see there's also a firm in the USA with the same name.
  • Trina Poly 270w
    Trina Solar Honey 270W 60 Cell meets all of your rooftop PV needs. Trina is one of the world's leading solar solutions provider. Trina Solar now distributes its PV products to well over 60 countries worldwide.
  • LG
    This panel is ideal for homes seeking a visually pleasing solar panel and for roofs where space is tight or where future system expansions are considered e.g. to incorporate battery storage or electric car charging.
  • Link
    So the good news is that Link Energy says that you can buy their new range of "Crystal” modules. New products come all the time, but this could be Link Energy’s best panel yet! So now we can sell you the new "Pluto" 60 cell 275W poly module, which follows the able "Pilot" 270W