Solar Inverter Repairs Or Replacement


Look here if you need Solar inverter repairs in Brisbane! Or maybe it is a replacement of your solar inverter that is what you need but you don’t know who to call? When you are ready, we can help out with a lot of brands, Aurora as well! We can check your PV setup as in fact, it may not need to be fixed. If it’s not, we can say what a solar inverter replacement cost will be and when it can be done. So if you are in Brisbane then give us a call. Maybe you saw your power bill was a lot more than it should be? If yes, then we may be able to help you!

Solar Inverter Replacement

solar inverter replacement cost

Inverter Repairs On The Blink?

Can we fix it?

Maybe you saw your power bill was a lot more than it should be? If so, we may be able to help you! If the cause is only a minor plug or a part, then the price can be under $100. OK, that sounds good, so can it be fixed? The answer is, sometimes. To find parts for some older models can be hard so at times a new unit is the only way. Sadly, this is true in fact for many that are out of warranty.
The price can add up on those sent to the workshop while the cover you get is not long. In each case it may not be the same, so just get in touch and we will contact you ASAP. We can give you a report for your insurer too, so you can make a claim. It might be that your unit is still under warranty. We will help you free of charge to work out if it is and so what to do about it.

Some Basic Troubleshooting

Let’s run through this checklist first, just in case you can ‘fix’ it yourself:-

Shut Down The Inverter And Restart

This is the first thing to. Close the unit down and then start it again to see if this fixes the problem. In fact, it’s surprising how many times it does the trick!

Is It Working?

If the display screen is not working, the next step then is to give us a call. There is nothing more you can do at this stage. If you feel the problem is one you cannot solve, then call us for a service call.

Yes, It Is Working!

Great! but are there error codes on the screen? If so, write them down in case the display also fails. You could could check online to find out what these codes mean or call us to arrange a service.

What Could It Be?

Often the fault is not with the unit, and is in fact another part that has failed.
It might be a switch, cabling, connectors or then maybe it's the panels? A faulty system might be unsafe, so it will need to be shut down.

So Your Inverter Has Failed - Here are a few things to consider:

Keeping Your Feed-In Tariff

If you have a special feed in tariff, then using the wrong unit might void it. Your power retailer in fact will have a reason to end the deal. If you have a larger system hooked up like this, then you might want to retain it. That's if in fact it is worth it. These deals were common at that time when PV kits were quite small. It might have been good once, but as power prices have gone up, the worth of these units has dipped. Also home use has often gone up too. In these cases, it may not be worth a replacement, but to swap out the lot. With the price of solar dropping, you can in fact, can get quite a big rig for less.

Solar Inverter Repairs in Brisbane?

This is where you need to take care in order to work out to fix the unit or not. Some well known firms promote low price Solar inverter repairs which at the same time can make sense. But are not worth it, even though the price to fix some is low, other costs and risks add up. It’s costly to have a sparky come to you twice, to take it away, then put it back again. In some cases you also need to pack it up and send it to the work shop. So if you do send it to the work shop you wont get much cover if it acts up again.

Limited Warranty On Inverter Repairs

So you decided to go ahead with your solar inverter repairs, but keep in mind that even the best only give you a 3 month guarantee on their work. As a result, everyone knows, given the price and hassle, this is simply not long enough to be any good. If these firms are so confident in their work, why don't they give you proper cover? Do you want to risk going through it all again, with what is likely old tech, AND also paying double? So as you can see, fixing the unit is not worth the effort.

solar inverter replacement - How much does it cost?

When repairing your inverter is not an option - is fresh better?

A new warranty would be. If you decided not to repair your inverter and change out the unit instead, it will have a new cover, that comes with peace of mind. If you think you may be in the home for more than 5 years, maybe get a longer warranty. You can extend your cover for 5 years for not that much. If you still want to try your luck on a ‘fix’, then give it a go. But there is the risk you could be wasting your money, and that is quite the case with older units - A Fresh System Is Even Better.

Sometimes A New System Is Even Better.

So why get a whole new system, when I can just get a replacement for my solar inverter?

In the long run, swapping an old kit for a new one can be better. This is because the installed price of a new system is a third to half of a new one. Also, a lot of older setups are 2 kW or less, so it is wise not to spend more on them. A modern home PV kit is now 6 kW and will give a much higher return. This will save you real money, isn't that why we get solar in the first place? At the start, if you do it this way, the cost will be more, but the risk is less. While the other good thing is there is someone you can call to fix it. Get in touch so we can advise you as to which way might suit you best.