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10kw Solar Systems

10kW solar systems are becoming very popular in Australia, and generate enough electricity to operate a house with slightly above average energy consumption. In this article we look at the price for 10kw solar system and how much it produce in Brisbane, what Inverter is recommended and the best deals available at the moment. If you live in a sunny area, installing a 10kW solar panel is a smart investment. You can save thousands of dollars on your electric bill each year. If you're considering installing a 10kW solar system, you may be wondering about the cost. The price can vary depending on factors such as the type of panels, installation costs, and incentives available in your area. In this guide, we'll break down the different factors that can affect the price of a 10kW solar system.

10kW Solar System Price: Factors That Affect the Cost

The type and quality of solar panels you choose can greatly affect the cost of a 10kW solar system. There are three main types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film. Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient and durable, but also the most expensive. Polycrystalline panels are slightly less efficient but more affordable. Thin-film panels are the least efficient and durable, but also the most affordable. Additionally, the quality of the panels can also affect the cost. Higher quality panels may come with a higher price tag, but they can also provide better performance and durability over time

What 10kw systems do we offer?

While we are looking for a 10kw solar system price in Brisbane, there’s a multitude of options available to us, but we prefer to gravitate to the “tried-and-true”. We don’t experiment on our customers with the new-fangled or the exotic.This way we can be sure that what we’re providing will deliver the expected results we want. A great lower cost, larger system might be a Growatt MIN 10000TL-X with 28x Seraphim 370 panels. If you prefer you could have a Sungrow Premium 8kW with 26x 390 watt Trina Vertex S series panels.

There’s also the reliable GoodWe 8.5MS connected to 26 Jinko 390 watt P Type panels. Perhaps you want a European inverter? You could have the Fronius Primo 8.2 paired with 24x Longi 415 watt panels. Perhaps you would like a Fronius Primo 8.2 with 26x Korean Hyundai Solar 390 watt panels? These have a 25 year Australian product warranty as well as a 25 year performance guarantee.

What sort of inverter we will recommend?

The type of power connection at the home will determine what sort of inverter we will recommend. Most homes have a single-phase connection. For these we often recommend a Fronius Primo, Sungrow Premium, GoodWe MS series or a Growatt MIN inverter. Among these inverters there are different abilities and capacities to handle the variety of installation scenarios we encounter. Sometimes we only need a two-string inverter to get the job done, on others we’ll use a three-string model, or even elect to use two inverters, side-by-side, giving us four strings. It really depends upon the given situation.

How many solar panels in a 10 kw solar system?

A 10 kW Solar System in brisbane is likely to be using about 25x 400 watt panels. We have various inverters that we use to achieve a good installation outcome and it's depends upon your roof area as to how many panels we can get on certain kinds of string inverter. If you're looking for a 10 kw solar system price in Brisbae area, we have a wide rang of system to suit every budget and we stick to the main brands that have been in the Australian market for some time, and have a proven record of overall reliability and dependable service performance.

how much energy do 10kw solar systems produce in Brisbane?

Brisbane has one of the highest solar radiance levels of any Australian capital city. There’s a very good reason why about 30-40% of the homes around Brisbane have solar panels on their roofs.

The Average daily output from a 10kw solar system in Brisbane is around 39kWh taking into account that the panels are north-facing and the system is generally operating at least at 75% efficiency.

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER), says that over 817,000 small scale solar systems had been installed across Queensland by the end of August, 2021. This equates to a nation-leading install base of 41.2%.

It’s no surprise that as the capital of the Sunshine State, Brisbane enjoys lots of sunshine all year round. The Bureau of Meteorology, says that Brisbane gets around 5.2 hours of ‘peak sun’ per square meter on the average day. So, what’s that mean in actual power you can use in your home, store in batteries or sell back to the Power Grid?

Trina Mono PERC Solar-Installation-Ascott-QLD

Is Getting 10kw solar panel system is right for you?

Every kilowatt of panels on your roof can be expected to produce around 4.2 kilowatt hours of power per day. As time has moved on, panels have increased in output and prices have fallen. Solar power has now a proven track record of reliability and lowering power bills too. Many are now looking to install much larger systems to take greater advantage of the opportunity.

Can this work for you too? If your power bill is larger than $500 per quarter, and you have the roof space, it could be worthwhile thinking about getting a 10kw solar panels system, especially in Brisbane where the sunshine on your side!

Right now, power retailers will buy any excess power that you produce. This is something that you can negotiate with them. You’re free to choose between the competing companies to get the best on offer. There is a word of warning though, as these feed-in tariffs can change, and often be reduced, you need to make sure that you are not paying more than you should, to install a giant system that will potentially ‘over produce’ beyond your needs.

Although right now, in our opinion, batteries are still away off being worthwhile, you might elect to opt for a bigger system in the view that one day you will have a battery to store any excess power, instead of exporting it to the Grid. In reality, you only get one chance to install the correct system size for you. Trying to add panels later is technically feasible, but likely to be financially unviable.

 What is the Payback Period of Installing a 10kW Solar System?

Are you considering getting a 10 kW solar system in Brisbane? You could save between $1,500 and $2,500 annually on your energy bills, with a payback period of only three to six years!

Would I benefit from a 10kw system with battery storage?

What many want to know is: although they don’t want a battery right now, can the system they are buying now be able to take a battery later on? The answer is yes. All our inverters are capable of having a battery connected via AC-Coupling. You could easily install our 10kW Solar system package and hook up a variety of battery options at a later date.

We don’t recommend ‘hybrid” or “battery-ready” inverters unless you intend to install a battery to the system straightaway. The danger is, often you will pay more, and by the time you are ready to connect a battery, you have saddled yourself with dated technology. So, by all means get the system you want, but keep that extra money for battery connection until you’re actually ready to go with one.

Conclusion: Make an informed decision for your solar investment

Investing in a 10kW solar system can provide significant long-term savings and environmental benefits. However, navigating the costs and options can take time and effort. By understanding the key factors that affect pricing, comparing different solar panel brands, evaluating installation costs, exploring available incentives, calculating the return on investment, considering financing options, and finding the best price, you can make an informed decision for your solar investment.

Remember to carefully consider the quality and long-term performance of the components, as well as the reputation and expertise of the installers. While cost is essential, it should not be the sole determining factor in your decision. By taking the time to research and compare options, you can find the best price for your 10kW solar system and embark on your journey towards sustainable energy and energy savings. So, don't let the costs deter you. Take the leap into solar and enjoy the benefits for years to come. Happy solar shopping!