Solis Inverters Review


If you’re an Aussie, you will know that only the best can last in our weather. So it should be no shock that Solis is now a big player in PV solar with the single Phase 1P5K-G4 5kw inverter and the Solis 3 Phase 3P5K-G4 inverter. It’s a tough game to be in, but Solis has the goals on the board. This brand on the move on the global stage, and so has made its mark here too. It has taken over 20 years of hard work to build a great PV inverter range. So what we have is something that you can rely upon to do the job, and keep on doing it.

Solis was in fact one of the first PV brands to come on to the Aussie market. So they have been at it a long time and should know what they’re doing. They are now up to the ‘Gen 4’ series that has both good looks and out put to match. There are so many points to list, just down load the data sheet and look it over. Yes, there are things you’ll see there that you know others have got but cost a lot more. They are all approved by the CEC so you can feel safe buying one of these too. Solis claims to have a working life of more than 20 years. So that's great news for Aussie solar buyers that don't want to spend too much! You can get them in both single and three phase, so there's bound to be one that suits you.

Solis 4G 5kw inverter

Single Phase - Solis-1P5K-4G

The Solis-1P5K-4G is a single phase inverter, and the one most commonly installed in Australia. This inverter features super high frequency switching technology, and Optional 24-hour load consumption monitoring solution. Its also Compact and lightweight and has an Integrated Export Power Manager (EPM) feature. The benefits of the 4G series include a maximum efficiency of 98.1 percent, and the use of 2 MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Trackers), allowing for the installation of two solar panel arrays facing in different directions. WiFi monitoring is also available, as well as access to Android and Apple apps.

Solis 5G 7kw 8kW inverter

Single Phase (Solis-1P7K-5G,Solis-1P8K-5G)

If you're after a larger system, the 7-8kW Single phase string inverter series are suitable for most single-phase residential situations, and adopt ultra-high switching frequency, ultra-thin single four-layer board design can greatly reduce the risk of Grid over-voltage.

This inverter is friendly and has an adaptable connection to the grid. It supports 1.1 times overload which increases power generation. The Solis single phase 1P(7-8kw)K-5G is lightweight at 13.3kg, and easy to install by a single technician. The IP65 protection grade makes it suitable for outdoor installation. WiFi monitoring is available from the Android and Apple app stores.

Solis S5 5kw 6kw inverter

Single Phase S5-GR1P(3-6)K

Another new entrant into the Solis single phase inverter line up, is the new S5-GR1P(3-6)K. This inverter has a 14 amp input for each string, So, this means that with the general move toward panels with higher amp output, more panels can be installed on a particular string. The inverter compensates and balances the input load accordingly. Most single phase 5kW inverters have an amp input limit of around 11-12 amps. So the S5-GR1P(3-6)K is another tool we can use in tight situations where we need to install a greater number of panels on one of the two strings.

Solis 5kw-20kw Inverter

3-Phase - 3P(5-20)K-4G

The Solis-3P(5-20)K-4G 3-phase inverters are suitable for residential, small industrial and commercial PV projects. These inverters are compact, with a maximum efficiency 98.7%. The Solis 5kw-20kw inverter has a wide voltage range too, equipped for low startup voltage and has multiple protections levels. The 2 MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm gives more flexiblilty, and is more efficient. Monitoring apps can be found on the iPhone/Android app stores, so you can monitor what your power production is.

Solis Three Phase S5-GR3P5-20K

As with the the Solis single phase range of inverters, there have been other additions to the residential 3 phase range. Like the single phase S5-GR1P(3-6)K, which has a higher amp input than other models. The new 3 phase S5-GR3P(5-20)K-AU for residential applications, allows for an even greater, 16 amp string input. This allows for more flexibility of panel choice and system design while keeping a firm hand on efficiency.


SolisCloud is a new generation of smart monitoring for your solar power systems. This new monitoring platform will give you power unlike ever before. You will be in complete control of your systems, wherever you are.

You will benefit from improved fault alert messages with precision, which can be adjusted so they alert you in hours to suit your needs. For easy operations and maintenance, the new platform features a full-size view of all of your installations, complete with live data. You will have an intelligent alerting system which gives recommendations for quick repairs of field faults.

In-depth analytics tools let you know your systems overall health. IV curve scans can easily and quickly be performed for your entire system. Live energy flow visualization gives visibility into both standard solar systems as well as storage systems. Most importantly, you will be in full control of your systems, able to monitor and adjust everything whenever you like

Solis Australia Warranty and Service

Solis Australia is your local point of contact should you need any after sales services and warranty support with our products. Solis Australia provides this service through its vast network of fully trained and accredited solar technicians.

Solis is backed by an industry-standard 5-year warranty, with local support. You also have the option of adding 5 more years to that warranty by Registering Your Home Inverter for the complete 10 years local warranty.

The engineering and design perfection that underlies our Solis products is in line with an expected 20-year design life. Through rigorous inspections in every aspect of the design-to-manufacturing process, we are able to assure that complete quality assurance processes are followed throughout.

Solis Australasia Pty Ltd provides after sales support in Australia for its local customers