Fronius - SMA - Zeversolar - Sungrow - Solax - ABB - Growatt - Solis

We have a range of tried and true products. From big names such as Fronius and SMA. These are our main back stops as there are none better. But we do have some that cost less and work very well too. They are as good but just don’t have the big name. In fact we get to use Sungrow and Zeversolar quite a lot too. But Solax and ABB are in there as well.

Solar Inverter Overview

The inverter is in fact the core of your PV system. Its core task is to change the DC power from the panels then to AC power. It then finds the right volt range that works best with the panels. The inverter will smooth out the power, and make it good for use in your home. An inverter may come in a range of types and sizes, also cost.
The one you see the most of is in fact a string inverter. But there are micro inverters as well, that you may have seen or heard of. This is where each panel has its own "IC" chip, that adjusts out put. So it’s like a little "brain" that each panel has. And they work like this for each panel that is on your roof. It’s a great thing to have for places that get shade, so we do use them when we need to.
But we like to do things the easy way. Well, why make things hard when they can be easy?! So a string inverter is the best way to go if we can. As we know, things tend to improve in solar all the time. But don’t forget if you have more parts, then there are more things to go wrong. So stay with simple if you can.
As we know, the day of the battery is here. Well, almost. We feel there is still some way to go with them, and don’t think they're a good deal right now. So we are a bit hesitant to get on board just yet. But if you have a question about them, just ask. We’ll be more than happy to help.