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Get Solar Panel Quote Online - So What's On Offer?

Upon entering a few basic details, you'll receive A FREE 15 PAGE comprehensive proposal with your FREE PERSONALISED SOLAR DESIGN! This will line up everything you need to know about your solar investment, the cost, Incentives, and most important your SAVING! We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. We're NOT a lead generation company – we actually supply & install solar!

Why pay the power company if you can invest in your property instead?

Don't you have cash to spare? We can offer an Interest Free Green Loan. Or you can pay with ZIP Money too.

Sound familiar?

Every month or quarter you pay your power bill, right?

Thats money you never see again, right?

Well, instead of throwing endless money at power bills, why not install solar, and use the big savings to cover the system cost.

Thousands of people are doing this every day - only regretting they didn't do it sooner. Just ask us how its done, its simple.

What Solar Rebate Qld Gov Offer? Or What Incentives You Can Get?

Qualified South QLD home owners are snapping up financial incentives to go solar.

So, how does it work? A federally sponsored program makes it easy to get solar on your roof. You don’t even need to pay anything upfront. Solar is like a mini power station making thousands of dollars of usable electricity - that you can use in your home to pocket big savings. And any leftover, you can sell back to your power company. It’s simple - All you do is pay the difference between your power bill - and what your system has produced. And you mightn’t even have a power bill at all! Approved purchasers can buy on two years interest-free! Sadly, many South QLD home owners still waste thousands on electricity bills every year, when they could have their very own free power source forever.