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6.6kW 10kW 20kW Solar System Packages

If you are after a 6.6kw solar system, smaller or larger, you arrived at the right place!
We have been in solar since 2008 and helping people to install solar panels in Brisbane - from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. We can quote for a 6.6kW solar system, smaller or larger. So, get in touch for a refreshing change to see how we work, to get you where you want to be. We have a variety of solar packages & deals, and our approach is real; no call centres or antics. We talk when you want to!

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"Bang For Buck" - Solar Packages from $2857*

Where Affordability & Quality Meet

Jinko Tiger Pro 415w solar package + Goodwe inverter

6.64kW Solar System

16 x Jinko Tiger Pro 415 watt panels and a Goodwe GW5000 DNS G3 solar inverter.

The Jinko Tiger Pro modules are P-Type Multi Busbar Technology. The panels come with a 15-year Product Warranty / 25 Year Performance Guarantee.

Yingli 415w solar package + Growatt inverter

6.64kW Solar System

16 x Yingli 415 watt panels and a Growatt TLX 5000 solar inverter.

The Yingli YLM series modules are P-type monocrystalline panels with multi busbar that helps to lift solar cell efficiency and reliability; the half-cell design also helps to reduce power loss.

JA Solar 415W solar package deal with GoodWe inverter

6.64kW Solar System

16 x JA 415 watt panels with GoodWe GW5000D-NS solar inverter.

JA panels now with 25-year Product Warranty and 25 Year Performance Guarantee, and GoodWe inverter has a full 10 year warranty

TongWei 415w solar system and Growatt inverter

6.64kW Solar System

16 x TongWei solar panels with a Growatt TLX 5000 solar inverter.

Seraphim 415w solar package + Growatt inverter

6.64kW Solar System

16 x Seraphim 415 watt panels and a Growatt TLX 5000 solar inverter.

These panels come with 15-year Product Warranty and 25 Year Performance Guarantee

The Seraphim S4 collection incorporates 182mm large-size silicon wafers with PERC, multi-busbar, half-cell modern technologies, and high-density encapsulation. Innovation integration allows the S4 series to boost efficiency by as much as 21.1% and optimum power to 540W.

"Premium" - Solar Systems from $3990*

The latest technology with LONG warranty!

6.58kW Jinko Tiger Neo & Sungrow Inverter

Jinko Solar 470-Watt NEO "N-Type" solar package deal with Sungrow SG5K-D Premium

This solar package has 14 x Jinko Solar 470 Watt NEO, and they are the latest N-Type panels with Tiling Ribbon Technology. They come with a 25-year Product Warranty / 30 Year Performance Guarantee paired with a Sungrow SG5K-D Premium Inverter, which is locally supported and has a 10-year warranty.

6.66 kW Canadian & Sungrow Inverter

High Quality Popular Canadian Panels!

6.6kW Canadian Hiku 380w Package with Sungrow Inverter. 18 x Canadian panels at 370watts with 12 year product warranty and also a 25 year performance guarantee combine with The Sungrow inverter is the SG5K-D.

Trina Solar panels 400w In Brisbane/SE QLD & Fronius Primo

6.4kW solar package

This is an excellent package that has 16 x Trina 400 Watt Vertex S panels. The panels come with a 15 year product warranty, and also a 25 year performance guarantee! The Inverter is a Fronius Primo that is made in Austria! It comes with 5+5 year warranty.

This package features the Trina Vertex S 400 watt panels with the Fronius inverter – it’s a winning pair! This is one of our best deals, it comes with 16x Trina Vertex S panels and also a Fronius inverter that made in Austria. The inverter comes standard with a ‘5+5’ year warranty, and WiFi too. Trina Vertex S panels work in low light on cloudy days. This is due to their unique half-cut cells, that use the space on the panel better. Trina has a branch in Sydney, which can help with support if ever needed. Trina and their close rival Jinko are two of the big names in solar. At this time, we have not worked out which one is better yet! If you are thinking about what brand to get, then Trina is well worth a look as a great buy!

"Top End" – Supreme Solar from $5990*

For those who want the best!

Very Popular! 6.63kw Hyundai Green Energy 390-Watt with Fronius GEN25 5.O Primo Inverter

Hyundai UF Series HiE-S390UF

This is an excellent premium package that has 17 x Hyundai 390w panels (the next generation shingled cell technology). The panels come with 25 year product warranty & performance guaranty! combined with the excellent Austrian inverter Fronius Primo.

REC Twin Peak 5 - 6.48kW Solar System Package Deal

High Panel Efficiency with the latest Sungrow SG5.ORS G3

And yet another top brand joins our highly efficient solar deals! Made in Singapore, REC Twin Peak 5 panels have a new, design that boosts panel output to higher levels, but coming in at a ‘standard’ physical size module. So, you get the most out of the space on your roof! The REC Twin Peaks reach their superb performance by using Half-cut cell technology. In cases where there is shading, then the best option is to use shade tolerant panels like these. This package comes with the latest Sungrow SG5.ORS G3 Inverter supported by Sungrow.

SunPower Maxeon 3 Series

Do You Want The Best Quality?

So you want your home to have the absolute best that money can buy - yes?

SunPower-Maxeon is the answer – arguably, they make the world’s best solar panels, and are legendary due to their performance and warranty. So accordingly, we have included them as one of our premium packages! SunPower's special design and production skills mean they can get much more power from their panels.

One step ahead of the pack due to astounding technology … These cutting-edge panels are still pricey, but now due to improved production techniques, they are a bit more affordable. Now appealing to those that might otherwise, only dream of having the best on their roof.

This powerful 6.4kW system has 16 x SunPower Maxeon-3 panels, coupled with the Austrian Fronius Primo 5 inverter. It comes with a 5+5 year factory warranty and WiFi also!

Excellent LG Solar Panels package deal

Ultimate LG 6.6kw Solar System - And Good Looking Too!

The BEST indeed! Yes, it’s expensive, but not surprisingly, it’s also one of the best solar PV's that you can buy! This solar package deal has 18 x 370 watt LG Neon 2 panels and also a Fronius inverter. This kit also has a 10 year product and a 25 year performance warranty. This is on the inverter.

The panels go even better in fact and have 25 years on product and 25 on performance! The best you can get! LG is one of the safest buys in solar, in fact everyone knows this brand. Made in Korea to the highest of standards, they have also won many industry awards. The LG NeON 2 has double sided cells and also CELLO tech. This system is battery ready too, so when you want to hook up a battery you can.

Affordable solar packages for residential and commercial use

Solar Power Panles offers a range of affordable solar packages specifically designed for residential use. Whether you have a small bungalow or a large family home, we have the perfect solution to meet your energy needs and maximize your savings.

Our residential and commercial solar packages are tailored to your specific requirements, taking into account factors such as your average energy consumption, roof space, and budget. Our expert team will conduct a detailed assessment of your property to determine the optimal system size and configuration for you. With our affordable residential solar packages, you can enjoy immediate savings on your electricity bills. By generating your own clean energy, you can significantly reduce your reliance on the grid and protect yourself from rising electricity prices.

Our solar packages are designed to provide a rapid return on investment, allowing you to recoup your initial costs within a few years. In addition to cost savings, residential solar packages also contribute to a greener future. Switching to solar power is a tangible way to make a positive impact and show your commitment to sustainability. We understand that investing in solar energy is a significant decision, and we are here to support you every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the installation and ongoing maintenance, our team will ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.