10kW LONGi 440 Scientist & GW8500-MS

Original price was: $5,489.00.Current price is: $4,990.00.
  • 23 x LONGi 440 Scientist  LR5-54HTH 440 solar panels. 10.12kW.
  • 25-Year Product Warranty. 25-Year Performance Warranty.
  • 1 x  GW8500-MS 1Phase, supported by GoodWe with 5+5 year warranty.
  • Fully Installed.
* Colorbond, single level, single phase, compliant meter box within 100kms of Brisbane CBD. Prices subject to confirmation upon compliance assessment. Extra charge for 3-phase inverter,2-storey/Split-level, Concrete & terracotta tiles. System is subject to availability.

The LONGi 440 Scientist from the Hi-MO X6 series, incorporates HPBC cell technology, a longstanding feature in premium brands' mono PERC technology known for enhancing efficiency and temperature stability. Additionally, both the Scientist and Explorer (All-Black) versions of these panels offer an appealing aesthetic. Achieving remarkable efficiency, the premium panels boast a solar cell efficiency of 23.60%, while the all-Black Explorer version achieves 22.5%.

LONGi provides a robust warranty package, including a 25-year product warranty and a linear performance warranty ensuring less than 1% degradation in the first year and no more than 0.4% for the subsequent 24 years, resulting in 89.4% power output retention after 25 years.

The GoodWe DNS G3 Series inverter is specifically designed for single phase residential connections.   It has both high-current input, and over-sized DC input capacity. This inverter can bring you efficient power output and make substantial returns to get your power bill down.

Unlike many other inverters; It’s lighter and doesn’t need a noisy fan. Housed in a very compact, attractive design. The DNS G3 not only delivers a reliable power supply – it runs very quietly too at below 25dB.