LG Solar Panels Review

LG Solar Panels Review

LG Company Background

LG Solar was founded in 2004, but active since 1985. Their manufacturing facilities in South Korea. LG is One of the World’s largest producer of solar panels. The company is in the top 3 of best solar panels available and #14 on Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers list.

About LG Solar

If you are reading this there is a very strong chance, you already have heard of these panels! The solar panel is the product we have installed. It is one of our favoured top end products, rivaled only by Sunpower. The panels are made in Korea, which are an industry benchmark.

LG Solar - Build Quality

These panels exude quality. When they are unpacked, you can see exactly why people rave about them. Like Sunpower panels, these also have cells with a uniformed appearance, noticeably absent are the silver ribbons running vertically through each cell. This is as a result of what LG calls “Cello” technology which moves these connecting strands to the rear of the cell, enabling an even greater flow of ions through it, increasing efficiency. The actual frames are 40mm and very sturdy. There is an exhaustive list of certifications that these panels either comply with or well exceed. They are especially suitable for marine or seaside installations. LG Superb Power Performance

LG Solar Product Warranty

These panels are protected by a 12-year product warranty and a 25 year at 83.4% performance guarantee. LG Solar Australia has an extensive and easily accessible customer service, and they are located in Sydney, and can be contacted on 02-88054038.

LG Panels Rating

LG has a slightly longer product warranty than offered by most manufacturers – 12 years. Sunpower has a 25 year product warranty, and it’s for this reason that LG would be rated slightly less, however, at this level of quality and the strength of the company in the market keep it rating at the top.
LG Solar Panels Review : Rating 5/5
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LG Solar Panels Review

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