TE Connectivity Makes Solar Cable Hook Up 80% Faster

TE Connectivity Makes Solar Cable Hook Up 80% Faster

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E Connectivity has launched its new SOLARLOK 2.0 connectors that lets solar installers make dependable connections easier, quicker and cheaper. You can use it anywhere, saving about 80% of time that it takes now, to get a far better result. And it does this for a much less overall cost.

SOLARLOK 2.0 in fact uses Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) tech. It is for use on cables to connect solar PV panels. The beauty is that you dont need special tools, cables don’t need to be stripped, making the process 80% faster. As a result overall system costs are much less.

The product manager at TE Industrial is Frank Rosenkranz, he claims that two forces drive the solar panel industry. Install costs per watt and also UL/IEC approvals. He said the new connectors well exceed the latest approval levels, and are ideal for harsh conditions. In addition, the new connectors are easy to use.

Here are some details about the new SOLARLOK 2.0 cable connectors:

• Arrive in one piece, ready to go, so there’s no chance of missing parts.
• Don’t need a special crimping tool to use them.
• Integrate the existing TE 1500V PV4-S solar interface and meet up with current PV standards.
• Have the CE mark, so anyone, even non-trades can use them too.
• Pass the safety specifications in IEC 62852 / UL 6703.
• Are totally water proof having a unique gel that fills inside the device, to keep water out.
• Meet IEC standard 60529 which gives the device an IPX8 rating, (under water at 1m for 24 hours).
• Are available in both male (- pole) and female (+ pole) types.
• Are impossible to connect in reverse, male and female.
• Can apply to many double insulated solar cables rated to EN50618 / IEC2630 (ZKLA), from AWG 14 up to 10. Suitable for outer cable diameters that range from 5.5mm to 7.2mm.
• Don’t strip the wire insulation, so you don't lose any strands which affect cable performance.
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