HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review


Who makes HT Panels?

It all began in 1998 for HT SAAE Solar Panels, and they have built up to be a Global Fortune 500 company also. HT Panels have over 19 years in solar, in fact they have an ultra modern factory in China. They make the panels complete from the silicon wafers and also all the way through to the finished product. Due to this and great panels, as of Q1, 2018 HT-SAAE sits 16th on the Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers list. and as at of Q3 2021 they are still on the list. Now one of the most successful panel makers, with an annual solar module production capacity of 1.2 GW installed globally. HT-SAAE has been chosen as a 'Top Performer Manufacturer' in PVEL’s 2020, 2021 and 2022 'PV Module Reliability Scorecard'. In this article, we look at HT SAAE solar panels and review their latest mono perc panels.

HT panels 400W - 415W solar review

Many panel makers have employed 'half-cut’ cell designs into their panels in recent years. HT-SAAE have also devised their own unique version that lowers the power loss that occurs within the panel. By doing so, it greatly improves the overall the power output of the panel generally. The build-up of heat with a solar cell can cause its performance to suffer, not just in lower power output, but it’s these localised areas of heat that can cause “hot spots”. This is where concentrations of heat within the panel can be so high in certain places, that the panel actually overheats in that spot and burns out. It’s a very serious issue for solar panels that are not as well designed as the HT-SAAE 415W.

Other features that are integrated into the panel are 9 optimised Bus Bars (BB) that are so designed to maximise the amount of area on the panel surface that can receive sunlight to convert to electricity while reducing the actual amount of energy that the cells themselves consume as a result of their operation.

The HT-SAAE 415W has been designed so that it can work with in high voltage layouts up to 1500 VDC. This means that more panels can be installed on each system string, and that helps to lower installation costs. These panels are ‘micro-crack’ and PID resistant too, and built tough to meet the challenging situations they are often put into.

Module Efficiency: 20.8% No. of Cells: 132 (6 × 22) Weight: 21.5kg Dimensions: 1924mm×1038mm×30mm

Should I consider HT Solar Panels?

while reviewing HT-SAAE solar panels, we see a large diversified Chinese state-owned enterprise with 3,149 employees and an annual module capacity of approximately 1.5GW, which has successfully tested the DNVGL PV Scorecard. They currently have an Australian address, but it's unclear if they offer direct support.

Their panels cost less than other bigger, better-known panel brands. They are not the cheapest panels by any means and are a true Tier 1 product. They are a sound choice when dollars are tight, but good quality is essential.

Why can HT Solar Panels be A Good Fit For Your Roof?

With HT solar panels, the angles and mitres all fit snugly, and also the connections and cabling do too. The 35mm frame feels quite firm, and the overall appearance looks as though the quality control systems are working well

HT-SAAE Warranty and service

Like some other panels on the market there is now a 25 year warranty on HT panels. So if you need help or question with your HT-SAAE panels, according to their website they are at Level 45, 680 George St, Sydney, NSW, 2000 phone: 1300 309 008, and they also have two large partners with offices in every state which can be found on HT-SAAE contact page