HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review

360W-370W-380W Mono HC

At First Glance, The Company

It all began in 1998 for HT-SAAE Solar Panels, and they have built up to a Global Fortune 500 company also. They have over 19 years in solar, in fact has an ultra modern factory in China. They make the panels complete from the silicon wafers and also all the way through to the finished product. Due to this and great panels, as at Q1, 2018 HT-SAAE sits 16th on the Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers list. and as at Q3 2021 they are still on the list. Now one of the most successful panel makers, with annual solar module production capacity of 1.2 GW installed globally. HT-SAAE has been chosen as a ”Top Performer Manufacturer” in PVEL’s 2020 and 2021 'PV Module Reliability Scorecard'. Further Powerark Solar helps with all the support for HT Solar Panels in Aussie.

The Company In General

The current HT-SAAE model is specifically the HT60-156P 265 watt panel, and its one of the best for the money. Also one of our most popular low cost, Tier 1 products, above all it has the features that people want. The HT-SAAE sells well as its a big hit, being that it suits those not wanting to spend mega bucks. To sum up, that sounds like something that most of us want!

HT Solar Panels, At Last A Great Fit For Your Roof

You could say in fact that the HT-SAAE panel is just like any other high quality solar panel. With these panels, the angles and mitres all fit snugly, and also the connections and cabling do too. The 35mm frame feels quite firm, and the overall appearance looks as though the quality control systems are working well.

HT-SAAE Warranty

Like many panels on the market there is a 12 year panel warranty and also a 25 year output guarantee. So if you need help with your HT-SAAE panels, this provided by the importer Powerark Solar, which have office in every state.

HT-SAAE Solar Panels Review Our Rating

These panels cost less than other bigger, better-known panel brands. They are not the cheapest panel in fact, by any means and are a true Tier 1 product. They are a great choice when dollars are tight but good quality essential.