Jinko Solar 5 Years In A Row Scoops Award For Mono Panels

Jinko Solar Does It 5 Years In A Row

Image: TÜV Rheinland

In April 2019, Jinko Solar got its fifth award in five years at the All Quality Matters Solar Congress 2019. TÜV Rheinland is the body that has held this since 2014. The award was for PV Module Yield Simulation for mono panels. So Jinko Solar powers on!

The assessors pick panels at random from production lines of the firms participating, then put them under test. They then evaluate the panels with a range of tests that include irradiance of 100-1100W/2 and heat from 15-75°C. Jinko came in first in the mono group, in fact giving the best yield of all others on test. Once again, the firm has shown that it is a major player in global solar.

Jinko is keen to show case its products so that it can compete for all PV solar projects. Even small panel issues can in fact cost a lot of money in lost power out put. So it is critical that panels be able to avoid a variety of loss making problems. Some of those are micro cracks in the panel from poor handling and transit. Then there is back sheet failure that ultra violent radiation and humidity can cause. When these issues occur, then the whole string of panels in the group will have less out put. Or they will shut down all together, which will hurt the investment.

The reliability and performance of a PV panel needs to be done by an independent test house. So DNV GL is one of the world’s most respected third party tester of many things. But they have a lot of expertise in testing solar panels. DNV GL results show only a few Tier 1 makers have passed all the 5 test levels. That is where they need to be, to reach Top Performer status. While Jinko Solar has been in the Top Performer group for four years in a row since 2014.

Yes, there are others but the reports and tests from all the test houses have put Jinko ahead again. TÜV, DNVGL, CEC and the IEC assessments show Jinko as a sound base for any long term solar investment.

Scott McNair
Scott McNair
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